Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Other Services

In addition to Individual Therapy, I also provide services for Couples and Families. Additional information regarding those services is coming soon.

Groups are also an important aspect of therapy services. The opportunity to become a part of a group as it develops can have an amazing impact on who we are and how we approach our challenges. I invite you to check back in the near future as I create my Group Calendar, identifying the group topics which I will be hosting.

Call me at 713-302-6698 or e-mail me to schedule an appointment.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Individual Therapy

How might your life be different if you had a place to sit and talk freely about anything at all?

Call it therapy or call it sitting with a trusted someone who listens fully to your stories. Someone, like myself, who has no investment in responding other than to validate your experience. Someone, like myself, who can offer feedback on your situation without an investment in the outcome. How might your life be different?

Individual Therapy
  • 90 minute Intensive - $160
  • 50 minute - $110
  • 30 minute Booster - $75

Call or e-mail me to schedule an Individual Therapy Appointment.